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Welcome to the Textile Bag & Packaging Association website.  Representing a membership of over 120 firms around the globe, including the former Textile Bag Manufacturers Association membership, TBPA hosts conferences for its members twice yearly. Businesses from all over the world attend educational and business workshops for a free exchange of ideas including market trends, promotion of the industry and trade issues. Since its founding in 1934, the association has grown significantly in both scope and  dissemination of critical trade-related information.  Our current  President Barry Corman, American Bag and Burlap Co. and  Ed Langston of Langston Companies, invite you to review the site and call any of the contacts listed for additional information.  We look forward to you joining TBPA!


Why and What TBPA Membership Means to These Companies


Over the past several decades that Central Bag Company has been a member of the TBPA, we have gained valuable product and market information that is utilized in our manufacturing, purchasing and marketing efforts.  This information is shared amongst our employees so they in turn can utilize it in their everyday activities.  Coupled with this, the TBPA has severed as an opportunity to market and purchase products from within the association where relationships and trust in suppliers has been formed and cultivated over time.  Being able to trust and count on suppliers and customers today is key when the internet has opened up opportunities for anyone to sell bags and packaging materials with little or no effort.  We value the relationships that we have developed through the TBPA and will continue to give priority to our “Member Companies” when doing business


Jeff Chalabi


Central Bag Co


4901 S. 4th Street


Leavenworth, KS  66048


(913)250-0325 – Office


(816)809-0955 – Cell



For us, the primary reason for maintaining our membership in TBPA and attending the meetings is the ability to have personal contact with numerous customers and suppliers at the same time. The key to all of our businesses is relationships, and relationships cannot be cultivated through emails and phone calls.


Mike Murphy


Halsted Corp.


Dayton Bag & Burlap has always maintained our membership to the TBPA and looked forward to the meetings to trade with members who not only shared a common bond but are dear and close friends. 


In the old days, it was sometimes the only means of finding new suppliers and making deals with those who shared similar products but on another note it was a great meeting to include the family and make a vacation out of it.  I was one of the lucky ones, because I believe Dayton Bag was one of the first companies to allow myself (an employee, and a woman at that) to attend the meetings and get actively involved.  I am proud to remain the first and only female president and served from 1995 - 1997.  For me, it marked my career for over 4 decades and gave me a place in 'bag history'. 


 The friends and business relationships I made over the years are priceless to my business and to this day still keep Dayton Bag supplied with materials as well as call upon me to supply their needs.   


Today, the relationships are still abundant, however, the internet has replaced the business need to meet and greet away from the office.  None the less, I still believe the TBPA will prosper if we change to meet the 'microwave' needs of our times.  If we had business meetings (no more combination vacations) in quicker locales like Chicago, New York, Cleveland, LA, Las Vegas, I think we could not only survive, but thrive. 


Dayton Bag & Burlap Co.



SEPTEMBER 24 - 26, 2017
























TBPA offers the following benefits to our membership.

  • Ability to attend two TBPA meetings a year, giving flexibility for attendance; Our conferences include:
    • displaying your company's products and services at no charge
    • Networking opportunities
    • Educational Seminars
  • Association Newsletter, with the following features:
    • Published at least 4 times per year
    • Opportunity to advertise
    • Highlighting of new members
    • Industry updates
    • Busines articles
  • Access to our roster of members (Printed every two years), featuring:
    • Listing of all contact information (name, address, email)
    • Description of business
    • Advertisements
  • Access to tariff classifications, custom rulings, and USDA rulings:
    • Representatives from USDA attend TBPA meetings
    • Import statistics sent to all members
  • Buy and Sell forum available on Members Only section of the TBPA website
  • Ability to use the TBPA logo on your products and correspondence
  • Opportunity to serve on association committees




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